A lodge for the busy working man.

About Hervey  Lodge

The world is changing, and people are leading increasingly busy lives. This often precludes quality new members from joining Freemasonry.

Hervey Lodge can offer a route into Freemasonry that is attractive to the modern day working man, who has work/family time constraints, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on new membership. Similarly, a “streamlining” approach will retain existing members who could begin to slip away, given the other demands on their time.

Hervey Lodge has 138 years of heritage. Implementation of these proposals will enable it to remain a vibrant and forward looking Lodge, accommodating the needs of the modern man.

History of Hervey Lodge No.1692

Hervey has a long and proud history – with Hervey Lodge having initially being named after a former Grand Secretary.

It was consecrated on 26 June 1877 – and is therefore now only eleven years short of it sesquicentenary.

Due to falling membership, Hervey Lodge amalgamated with Kentish Companions Lodge in October 2014.

Sadly, this only arrested its decline for a short while, and the combined Lodge was about to hand in its warrant during 2015.

By fortunate happen-chance – with the appointment of a new Provincial Grand Master of West Kent, RW. Bro. Mark Estaugh, in October 2015 – “Reform” was identified as one of the Province’s five priorities (the 5Rs – Recruitment, Retention, Relief, Reform, and Responsibility).

This paved the way for the potential adoption of a “Streamlining” initiative with West Kent – along similar lines to the successful approach currently taking place in Metropolitan.

During the course of 2016, a new group of enthusiastic “Streamliners” – under the leadership of W. Bro. Paul Holmes – joined Hervey in order to boost its membership and secure its future. The ambition for the Lodge is that it will prove attractive to the busy working man – with many pressures, and limited time to enjoy their Freemasonry.

The first meeting under the new “Streamlining” ethos will took place in October 2016.

Hervey became a UGLE Universities Scheme hybrid lodge in December 2016.

How will Hervey Lodge operate in the future?

Hervey Lodge will operate under the Emulation Ritual, which lends itself to a streamlined approach, and has worked well in London and other Provinces. Each member will be expected to study and learn the Ritual to a high standard, however, the floor work will be relaxed and not drilled to perfection like a Taylors Lodge. This will allow the officers to learn Ritual from the book without the need to attend LOI every week.

The aim is to attract younger working men – who do not have the luxury of time that normal Lodges demand.

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